What is Diskobol ?

Diskobol is a web storage & file exchange service made by the french company named Elonet. It's been done to lower storage prices, and also to better manage, share, and sell files. So it's a nice tool to whoever wants to securely store a large amount of files and folders, share them, or sell them at a choosen price, with the PayPal secure payment service.

Is it free ?

For easy use, yes. You can upload up to 3 free shares per day (500MB each) without cost. If you need more disk space, want to manage or organize files,folders,shares,sales,invoices, to authorize authenticated people only, be notified by email or sms when downloads occur, show a preface and logo to downloaders, just try a first 49 GB volume, it's 5 euros per year!


Can I use this service from my win or mac or android ?

Of course you can map your Diskobol drives directly into your local computer, just like any hard drives or usb keys. You just need an account to do that.
Click here to know how to map a windows drive.
Click here to know how to map a mac drive.
Click here to learn how to use Diskobol from a smartphone or tablet android or mac.

How to sell files ?

Select files, and select a price. Downloaders will be asked to make a paypal payment to access your files. Total commission fee is 0.5 € for sales under 5 €, and only 5% beyond 5 €, simple math. Once your wallet reach 5 €, you can get paid within 5 business days, by paypal, bank transfer, or soon, bitcoin transfer.


What is the heart icon ?

When activated, we add a 1% tax to the total amount of your transaction and we manage the resulting amount in our micro-credit account at kiva.org ! Elonet, mother company of Diskobol, gives to humanitarian projects and ready-to-start solutions for individuals who need help in launching or maintening activities. We own a kiva.org account and we kindly invite you to follow it here as we add each week 1% of all featured payments, to a kiva.org wallet which will grow more and more : at some time, credits are refunded, so we can credit again, and again, and again, and again... thanks to your support so please enable this feature when you sell files !

See our terms and conditions for more information

To contact us, please send an email to contact@diskobol.com