Qu'est ce que le logiciel "Pièces jointes sécurisées pour Gmail" ?

This open source extension permits to use the Diskobol.com website to manage your email attachments, in order to :

  • know if your attachments are downloaded and who downloads
  • store attachments up to 3.14GB
  • delete attachments once they've been downloaded
  • authenticate your downloaders to ensure their permissions to download the file
  • create a temporary share folder for you, your coworkers, customers or anyone you want
  • delete the attachments after 30 days
  • avoid sending attachments through email providers

This service is an easy-to-start solution to enforce your email security and gain more features with your email attachments, wether if you are a professionnal or if you just want to have a concrete solution to level up your privacy.

How to begin ?

You don't need an account to use this feature, please just go to our page on the Chrome store.


Can I install this service in my own company ?

For sure, then your attachments won't go through email providers. As this software and the server components (to store the attachments) are free software (GPL), you can use it the way you want. More over, if you need assistance to deploy the feature in an expert manner or with customs adjustments, please just ask some more information to us at contact@elonet.fr